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Lessons Learned Our 1st Year in Spain

We are nearing our 1 year anniversary as expats with kids. I wrote this in the hopes that someone new to the expat life abroad scene might need a little advice from someone a year into this adventure. I enjoyed looking back on the last 11 months and while I wouldn’t change a thing, here […]

The Best Credit Cards for Travel

Swipe right, swipe left, whatever – just swipe!! Here’s my #1 travel hack: Find a card that meets your needs and than put EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE on your card. I’ll swipe for a $1 Costco churro. Know that. I’m not saying spend money but you can chose to use cash/debit that won’t reward you or […]

The Ultimate Gift List for Anyone Who Travels

For many travelers and adventurers, what you “allow” to be a part of your limited cargo is very personal and thought out. I put together a list of unique, affordable, personal, and out-of-the-box ideas to spoil your travel-savvy friends and family. In no particular order, enjoy this comprehensive gift list. Click on the highlighted links […]