All You Need to Know for an Autorización de Regreso

If your NIE is expired and you want to travel out of the country, you’ll need an authorization to return to Spain or an “Autorización de regreso”. This has been done differently over the last years and this post is dated September 2019 specific to the Valencia Spain which is important to note as the government changes requirements often!

This process worked for my family of four and 8 other Valencian friends just as an FYI.

Here are the 6 items you’ll need to bring with you:

1) The “Autorización de regreso form” linked here. You don’t need to fill out the 3rd page. (with Anexo I and Anexo II) For “reason” I would go with a business or family related reason – remember this needs to be in Spanish:)

2) Proof of payment or TASA 790 form linked here. Pick the 2nd red button that says “aceder y arrenar e imprimir” this will auto populate your information and you just print it out and bring to any bank with cash. Each regreso costs 10.50 euro and make sure that you do not do this too far in advance as TASAs are only valid for 10 days. You’ll check box 6.3.

3) Make an appointment or “Cita Previa” by clicking this link. If you notice that there are not any appointments, check back the next day as they open more slots each day. Also, you’ll need an appointment for each person in your family. You can TRY to ask your attendant if they will process all of you…but it depends on the person and if they had their coffee that day:) We got a sweetheart and he let us do all 4 of us on only my cita! The immigration office is located at: Motilla de Palancar 23 Valencia 46019

4) Passport and a complete copy of your passport – They will keep the copy.

5) The form saying that you renewed your visa and a copy. This is a one sheeter with the all-important dated STICKER.

6) Your NIE and a copy front and back. They will keep it.

You’ll be approved or denied right there on the spot. You can pick up the “Autorización de regreso” in a few days!

To pick up: Each person MUST present with their passport between 11am – 1pm at Motilla de Palancar 23 Valencia 46019 which is the same office you applied. You do not need an appointment to pick up…just tell the security guard at the door and they’ll direct you to a special waiting spot for pickup.

If you have any questions, email their office at  – they responded to me rather quickly.

Now kick back and enjoy your travels! Your “Autorización” is valid for 90 days from the issue date. And now…a moment of silence for all of the trees murdered in the name of staying in beautiful Spain as an expat.

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